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Magical Communication Self-Paced Video Course

Reclaim your natural ability to communicate with your ancestors and departed loved ones.

In this class you will learn easy techniques to:

  • Eliminate the blocks that limit your spiritual power

  • Expand your psychic abilities

  • Clear negative energies and create sacred space

  • Contact the Spirit World and receive messages of Guidance, Inspiration and Love

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Psychic Skills for Self-Care

Psychic development is not just for folks who want to read Tarot, know the future or talk to the dead. Developing your psychic abilities can help you navigate life in ways that are both surprising and practical. 

Although you may not have thought of yourself as "psychic," the reality is that we are all psychic: 

          Do you sometimes know what people are going to say before they say it?

          Have you ever felt tired or drained when you walked into a room, even though you felt fine earlier?

           Does it bother you when people’s words do not match the way you know they’re feeling inside?

           Have people accused your of being “sensitive” or even “overly sensitive?”

If you want use your innate psychic abilities to life your best life physically, emotionally and spiritually, this course is for you!

In Psychic Skills for Self-Care, you will learn practical applications to help you:   

Identify and tap into your strongest psychic sense

Scan, expand, and contract your energy field

Connect with your guides in the spirit world

Clear and reset your energy field

Recognize and disconnect from negative energies

Make clear decisions using your psychic gifts

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Inspiration Awakening: Claiming the Writer Within

Let authors CAROLYN WILKINS and JULIE HENNRIKUS  your creativity to the next level with this online video course.  

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