Piano Trance Healing

Carolyn's Piano Trance Healings are a unique and intimate opportunity to experience the presence of Spirit through the power of sound.

 Immerse yourself in the powerful healing vibration of Carolyn's guides, ancestors, healers and inspirers.  

Rates:  Piano Trance Healing - $50 for a 15 minute session

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Piano Trance Testimonials:

"Thank you for your beautiful piano playing. So very healing and touching, Carolyn, thank you!" - P.B.

"That was really beautiful. I found the dissonance so easy and true to our time in this world, and found such a richness to the intricate resolutions to that. Thank you for sharing your gifts!"  A.V.

Music Downloads

Carolyn's piano and vocal album At The Spiritual Cabaret is available for download from  Amazon.  


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