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At The Spiritual Cabaret

Ten original songs by Carolyn Wilkins

Come to the Spiritual Cabaret!

Celebrate the joy of life and the healing power of music with this collection of Carolyn's original compositions.  Feel the spirit move as you tap into the healing rhythms and vibrant groove of Carolyn's soulful piano and vocals.

Akashic Piano Trance Healing Meditation 

To Attune to Your Ori (Higher Self)

Join pianist and psychic medium Carolyn Wilkins in a musical seance inspired by the wisdom of your highest destiny. The solo piano music on this track is channeled from my Ancestors and Spirit Guides. It is not conventional music, but rather, sound vibrations designed to take you into the trance-like state that facilitates healing.
During the treatment, you will experience sound vibrations designed to help you:
Make a deeper connection to your Ori, your Higher Self
Let go of stress and tension
Clear away physical and emotional blocks that have been holding you back
Restore a sense clarity and inner calm.

Music: Welcome
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