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Carolyn in the Media

Carolyn is often asked to talk about her music, books and healing work on podcasts.  Here are some of her favorite recent interviews.


May is for Mystery with Carolyn Wilkins

A wide-ranging conversation with host Chris Upton about writing, reading, music and mediumship.  This hour-long conversation is available on YouTube  


The Real Book on 99% Invisible Podcast

Carolyn shares her experiences as a musician and educator with host Mikel McCavana in this fascinating discussion.   How did The Real Book became "the bootleg bible of jazz?" 

Check out the full podcast HERE.

The Sacred Power Of Music.jpg

Psychic Matters Podcast

 Carolyn discusses the sacred power of music with podcaster extraordinaire Ann Theato, and gives a live demonstration of Piano Trance Healing.  Check out the full episode on


Carolyn's interview in Mystic Magazine

Check out Carolyn's interview in the MysticMag blog! Find out about her spiritual practice and what inspires her.

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